Gold medal award winning specialists in foiling and embossing dies
We offer experience, quality and nationwide overnight customer service in the production of: 

 Foiling Dies  Embossing Dies  Nylo Plates  Flexo Plates  Offset Plates
Film Output  Silk Screen Positives  Camera Shots  Scanning

Photoengraving – Photolithgraphy – Platemakers. Inline Graphics is a specialist pre press company, making plates, blocks and films for the printing industry. We have an in-house studio that can produce art or accept files from Apple Mac or PC computers. We manufacture analogue offset plates, magnesium blocks, nylo and flexo plates and silk screen films.

FOILING BLOCKS: Made of magnesium, used for foil printing, leather embossing, wood branding, patterns for spincasting. magnesium comes in 1mm, 1.6mm, 2mm, 4mm, 6mm thicknesses. Image is etched so virtually any design can be manufactured.

EMBOSS BLOCKS: Made of Magnesium with a nylo former. Emboss female blocks come in 4mm, 6mm or type hi (mounted 2mm on plastic base).

NYLO PLATES: Magnetic or Plastic backed nylo plates for letterpress printing. Both types are .95mm thick.

FLEXO PLATES: For plastic, serviettes, labels, rubber stamps. 2 thicknesses 67 thou and 114 thou.

OFFSET PLATES: Various sizes. We do not have CTP so all plates are made from film.

FILMS: Silk screen or dieline, letterpress or offset, negative or positive. Camera shots or output from our A2 Image Setter.


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